Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring – or so my mom tells me. I’m actually a terrible sharer. I am an awesome giver (if I do say so myself) but I would like to note that giving is not the same as sharing. Sharing means giving your last three sour gummy worms to your friend. Giving is buying a second bag of sour gummy worms to give to your friend. Having reread those last two sentences I realize that I sound like a big meanie poop face and I should probably¬†delete this post so no one knows what a grumpasarous I am. But eh – what the hell, I’m lazy and let’s face it, you guys are looking at the pictures on this post anyway. Right?

Anywho, I am very passionate about giving back to animal charities. They do SO much for our communities! Between helping educate the public, taking care of strays and providing support for owners in need – let’s face it, they deserve all the TLC we can give to them.¬†

That being said, I am launching #collarsforacause! Each month I will choose a new charity (this could be a rescue group, animal shelter, or any other group working towards helping animals) and a new fabric print. All profits from anything made from this print (collars, leashes, poop bag holders, etc.) will go towards the chosen charity.

I can’t wait to send a big ol’ check to the very deserving Oakland Animal Services this month. They are the most underfunded standalone shelter in the Bay Area so I’m happy to have them be the first recipient of #collarsforacause.

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