Greetings From the Land of Overpriced Housing

Hello and greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area! Whether you’re one of our neighbors in the great state of California or you’re sitting in your snow-drenched home in Ukraine, I want to extend my sincerest welcome to you and thank you for visiting Love Violet.

This blog and website is not only a place where I can share my handmade pet products. It is also a place where I aim to share humor, knowledge, ideas and connect with other pet owners and lovers. I can guarantee a few laughs (generally at my own expense) and I can hope to pass along a little knowledge.

What qualifies me to pass along such knowledge? Well, I have accidentally gotten dog poop on my hands more times than I can count AND I have lost countless shoes, belts, steering wheels and screen doors to the enrichment needs of my dogs. FYI: I wouldn’t recommend donating steering wheels to your dog’s entertainment needs. That incident (*really it is those incidents but I like to pretend I learn from my mistakes and the car damages thing only happened once) turned out to be a lot more of an inconvenience than just buying an extra dog toy.  If those experiences aren’t enough for you, I could mention that I’ve worked as a vet tech, kennel manager, dog rescue volunteer, animal shelter volunteer, and competitor at dog events. But really, it’s the dog poop thing that cements my doggie expertise because you can’t really call yourself a dog owner until you have assisted your pup in the passing of some very long pieces of grass.

For those horse people out there who are reading this thinking… HEY WAIT! WHY ARE THE DOGS GETTING ALL THE ATTENTION? DON’T YOU SELL HORSE STUFF TOO!?

Hold your horses. *groan… I know but I can’t help myself*

I also have gotten horse poop on my hands. Are you satisfied? No? Ok, how about if I tell you I have given myself a Ke$ha style (also known as using a wet rag to wipe down my disgusting self) bath via my horse’s water bucket at a show? Satisfied that I have sufficient horsey prowess? Or possibly now you’re wondering just how dirty of a person I am considering my entire first blog post has essentially been about how I have touched various animal poop?

I would attempt to dig myself out of this hole and explain I’m really not THAT dirty and these poop explanations are simply a manifestation of my people pleasing need to show internet strangers that I am a hardcore animal lover but… I think I would simply end up digging that hole even deeper. So for now, I bid you adieu and I hope I haven’t completely ruined your next meal.