Hello. My name is LV & I’m an addict

Today I want to discuss something a little on the serious side that affects more people than you know. Addiction is a reality for life in America. No matter your  income. No matter your age. This is part of life in some way or another for almost everyone. Whether it’s your mom, your friend, your co-worker, or your significant other – it’s a reality and it needs to be talked about. I’m here to talk about my addiction and open up to you beautiful strangers in the hope that you guys will accept me for me and understand the struggles I am going through.

Like so many Americans, I am addicted to Amazon. My home is never without an odd cardboard box or padded mailer. The mailman knows our porch so intimately I am half expecting him to start renting it out to save on commute time to work.

My feelings on this addiction change week to week. Should I try to curb my addiction? Should I embrace it? Ah fuck it. I talk a big game but let’s be real, I’m going to keep buying everything under the sun off Amazon.

Here are a few of my favorite doggie things to buy (besides the obvious dog food & more dog food – which, btw, I buy at Costco because I go through 8 cups a day and I’m not made of money):

SUNSCREEN! Yup, for the dogs. I steal it too though. I have a pittie with a big ol’ white/pink face and I am constantly applying sunscreen to him. What I love about this sunscreen? It smells AMAZING, it doesn’t stay oily and it’s much cheaper on Amazon than at Target or Walgreens. My favorite is Sun Bum 70 SPF





KONGS! Holy savings batman! These are SO much cheaper on Amazon and I literally have like 7 of these. Pro tip: Add peanut butter and freeze. It takes soooo much longer for pups to finish them and it’s great to store a few extra in the freezer for emergencies.







Puppy pads! Ok so in truth… my dogs don’t actually use these. I used them for my ducklings when they were tiny and lived inside. But I know there are people out there who use them and let’s talk about the savings. They are huge. Ok, end of discussion. But seriously, get them on Amazon!




Last but not least (and I really shouldn’t be advertising this cause I make pet beds that are far superior. *Bragging, I know but seriously your dog will love my beds – MAYBE even more than your bed) the Midwest Ombre Swirl Bed! I love these beds. Machine washable, won’t break the bank and they are perfect to have as a backup bed when someone has an accident or when you are washing your other beds. Oh and super soft. Not the most perfectly plush bed that your pup will sink into but guaranteed your pups will be comfy and snuggly in this soft bed.

By the way… I am in no way endorsed by these products. Or by anyone actually. Except my dogs. They definitely endorse me. Although I’m pretty sure they would endorse anyone who feeds them so I wouldn’t trust the little fickle beasts. Their loyalty is clearly for sale.

Just sharing cause let’s face it, we aren’t all made of money and when it comes to our pups we would rather save our money to splurge on the fun things – like new collars & leashes from the love, Violet shop *wink wink*

But seriously, thanks for reading all the way to this point. I want to hear what YOUR favorite amazon products are. I can always use more excuses to fill my house with Amazon boxes and worry about paying my most basic of bills. Show me what you got!