Soft, Strong & Sustainable Dog Apparel

  • Handmade

    Say goodbye to mass-produced items as you opt for a product crafted by a human and made for strong and sensitive pups. Handmade usually means delicate but here handmade means thoughtfully designed, meticulously handcrafted AND machine washable.

  • Sustainable

    A standard nylon collar will take decades to break down in a landfill; our products are made with the environment in mind using natural fibers that not only break down easily but are also gentle on your pup's body.

  • Soft and Strong

    With our products, you don't have to choose between a product that is durable and one that will be kind to your pup's skin. Our products are made with a wholistic approach for gear that is soft and strong.

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The Founder

Hey! I'm Rachel and I am a parent to four dogs, two human children, and roughly 50 other animals on my farm in Western Washington. When I'm not in my workshop, whipping up collars and leashes, I spend my time using my ever-growing supply of power tools to build things for my kids and my animals.

Creating sustainable dog gear is a source of genuine joy for me. It's not just about making our furry friends happy and comfy but also about crafting products that help cut down on plastic waste.

I hope you are able to find something in my shop that brings you and your pup joy!

Thank you for visiting! Rachel