About Us

Love Violet Creations began in the summer of 2017 when I could not seem to find a collar that didn't irritate my pittie's sensitive skin. Being the crafty girl I am, and being mostly incapacitated from a horseback riding accident, I thought, I'll make one!  And so in January 2018, LVC officially launched from my little home office in Oakland, California.  What started as a quest for a non-irritating collar for my own pup has become a global community of pups and their owners who know that you don't need to compromise style for function when it comes to your dog's gear. Your pup's apparel can be the perfect blend of soft, strong, and sustainable with the use of natural fibers and durable materials.

At LV I take huge pride in creating dog apparel by hand that is not only beautiful but is also strong and durable. Every piece is crafted completely from scratch in my tiny home studio in Snohomish, Washington with the help (and occasional hinderance) of my own four rescue pups.

While a lot has changed in the 6 years since I first launched LV (I had two children, moved states, added about 40 animals to my farm), one thing has stayed the same and that is my immense feeling of love for the customers and their pups that I have met along this journey. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and I hope 2024 brings you and your pup happiness and endless adventures. Happy trails and tails! - Rachel 

LV owner pictured with her two pitties, Milton and Cupcake.LV sharing a victory kiss with her competition horse, Frankie.Celebrating a 2nd place finish in her first ever K9 Gladiator event with her dog, Cupcake.