Another Model Search

Another Model Search

It's that time again! We are on the hunt for some gorgeous new pups to model our products on Instagram. Think you have what it takes? Follow the instructions below:

Make a post on Instagram and...

1. Tell me why you think you and your pup will be a fantastic modeling team
2. Tell me where you're located
3. Use the tag #lvmodelsearchsummer2019 AND tag my account @lovevioletcreations 

Take a peep at some our current models, how gorgeous are they?

Questions about applying? Read our FAQ below and if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram @lovevioletcreations.

What are you looking for in a model?

We are looking for pups who are active on Instagram and who love to pose for the camera. All pups are model material, what really sets a pup apart is their parent's ability to capture their unique personalities in photos. To sum up, if your Instagram feed is full of sharp, clear images of your pup - you are going to be in great shape!

What are the perks of being a model?

We will send you a LV product of your choice for free and you get a 30% off coupon code to use at any time during your modeling stint with us. Your followers will also get a coupon for 15% off and for every 5 times your followers use your code, you get a free product! You will also get tagged and your code promoted every time we use your photos on our feed. 

What is required of a LV model?

We ask that you make a post about our products (or share one of our posts!) a few times a month either on your story or on your page. We also ask that you snap a few high resolution pics of your pup modeling their LV gear. Lastly we ask that your account is public and that you aren't currently modeling for a company that would directly compete with our products. That means modeling for another company who sells dog toys is totally a-ok but modeling for another handmade company that makes sewn leashes and collars, not so ok. If you are unsure about this requirement, shoot us a message and we can help clarify.

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