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Love Violet Creations

"Christmas is Coming" Bandana

"Christmas is Coming" Bandana

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This bandana is the perfect blend of fashion and function for your pup who, let's face it, deserves nothing but the best. Made from soft 100% flannel cotton, this bandana will be cozy and comfortable for your pet to wear through any weather. This bandana is meant to be tied which allows each owner to completely customize the fit and it can be worn with any of your pup's gear with no issues.

Bandanas make the perfect gift for any pup! You can easily adjust this bandana so you don't need to know your pup's precise size and they make the cutest accessory for any pup. I mean, have you ever seen a pup wearing a bandana and thought anything besides, WOW that's a cute dog?! Nope, me either. You simply cannot go wrong with this funny (and accurate) bandana!


Bandana Details:

· Warm & snuggly flannel
· Machine wash cold & tumble dry

¤ Please note that due to this fabric pattern, each bandana has a slightly unique pattern. If you have any questions or concerns about exactly what your particular bandana will look like, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

We always recommend that pets are never left unattended while wearing their bandanas.

All love, Violet products are handmade with care in a small shop in Western Washington, USA.

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